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Harding Middle School has seventh and eighth grade girls and boys basketball teams.

Boys Basketball

Eighth grade coach: Chad Bakkum
Seventh grade coach: Korey Johnson

Girls Basketball

Eighth grade coach: Roger Bouzek
Seventh grade coach: Kris Fry & Donna Charipar

Due to our gym dome being closed temporarily, our girls basketball practice will be held at:

BLX Sports Center:  3055 Robins Rd, Hiawatha

Home games will be played @ Collins Aerospace Rec Center:  400 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

Follow this link for a map on where to park and watch games:

Please follow these guidelines @ Collins Aerospace Rec Center: 

Parents are not allowed to bring seating of any sort, chairs and benches are for everyone to use. 

Please stay off the track, people will be walking/running during the games and please avoid potential fitness classes that might be going on. 

In general, families are not allowed to be moving around the facility during games to ensure the safety of fitness members.  Thanks!